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Carpet Runners Extra Long

carpet runners extra long

    carpet runners
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carpet runners extra long - Wolf Designs

Wolf Designs 314422 British Safari Natural Brown Extra Large Jewelry-Boxes

Wolf Designs 314422 British Safari Natural Brown Extra Large Jewelry-Boxes

From the plains of the Kenyan Serengeti to the concrete jungle of New York, Wolf Designs’ British Safari collection inspires an ‘Out of Africa’ elegance and sense of adventure to the jewel case collections. This refined assortment of jewelry and travel cases features natural colored linen exteriors, tan LusterLoc treated interiors, key lock closures and brushed chrome hardware. The essential jewelry case for the quintessential jewelry lover! This extra large jewelry case features three large multi-compartment drawers, two sliding panels and a removable travel case.

84% (11)

chitral photos no. 14291, 303, 305, 310, 315

chitral photos no. 14291, 303, 305, 310, 315

3 days long Qaghlasht Festival concluded. Kosht team won polo trophy.

CHITRAL: 3 days long Qaghlasht festival was concluded
here at Qaghlasht ground having the altitude of 6000 feet from sea level
consisting on thousands of Acres of land fully covered by green gross
presenting a green carpet look. Former Federal Minister and Member National
Assembly from Chitral Shahzada Muhayuddin was chief guest on the occasion while
the ceremony was presided over by District Coordination officer Chitral Mutasim
Billah Shah. Some 6 polo teams participated in polo tournament during the
festival while Kosht and Booni polo teams qualified for final match. Hence in final match Kosht polo team defeated
Booni team with 3 goals than 2. Sardar Ahmad was captain of Winner Team while
Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk (Tehsil Nazim Mastuj, President of District Polo
Association and Chairman Qaghlasht organizing committee) was the captain of
runner up team of Booni. Sardar Ahmad was declared as Man of the match. According
to Score board Kosht polo team score 3 goals and Booni polo team 2 goals.

10 Football teams participated in
the festival. During the semi final Morder football tams versus Reshun team and Kushum versus Mastum contested in which Morder
and Kushum football teams qualified for final match. During the final match Morder
football team defeated its rival team of Kushum with penalty as the match remained
equal upto last time but they were given extra time and in penalty Kushum team was
defeated. Muhammad Qadir was captain of winner
team and Zulfiqar Ali of runner up team M. Qadir was announced as man of the match.

16 teams of cricket participated in
the tournament during the 3 days festival. Two teams of Booni and Medical Star (comprising
over medical representatives) quailed for final match while Booni cricket team defeated
Medical star team with 7 wickets. Inamullah of Booni white teams was declared man
of the match while M. Zakeer of medical rap team was announced as man of the tournament.

2 teams participated in Tug of war
match and Mastuj Tehsil team won final trophy who defeated Mulko team tug of war. 40 persons participated in race competition.
Zahurul Hassan of Koragh scored 1st position, Shamsud Rehmat of Morder
2nd position and Amir Ali of Kosht hold 3rd position in
race competition.

10 teams participated in Volley ball
tournament and the final match was played between Chitral Scouts versus Booni team in which Chitral Scouts team defeated Booni
team with 2 goals while Booni team score no goal. A local and traditional match
like hockey called Farosan Ghal was played between Booni and Mulkho team in which
Booni team defeated Mulkoh team.

Competition of musical chair was also
held among special people while at night time musical concert, musical and cultural
show was arranging during the 3 days festival to enthrall the participants.

The most attractive and traditional
game (match) was shooting in which players in a traditional dress using centuries
old (antique, unique) rifles (weapons) in which they putting (filling) explosive
from its barrel side and burning a rope with rubbing of stones and targeting a point.
In which Sher Ghazi was declared 1st position holder, Babar 2nd
position while Iqbal score 3rd position. Besides it so many other
colorful programs were held during the 3 days festival.

Chief guest MNA Chitral Shahzada Muhayuddin presented
winner and runner up trophies to different teams. Thousands of people participated
in the final matches where the management committee had arranged for traditional
plays with cultural show and folk dance to enthrall the spectators. A simple but
prompt function was also held on the final day of the festival. The speakers demanded
for water supply to this ground to irrigate it and construction of road in the welcome
address. Addressing on the occasion MNA Chitral Prince Muhayuddin said that
some 130 million rupees have been approved by the federal government for different
uplift schemes at Chitral. He assured for blacktopping of Mulkoh and Qaghlasht
road, he announced of 30000 for management committee. He said that the young
generation should to participate in healthy activities to save from social evils.

The other speakers assured that they will obey
every order and circular of provincial and federal government but they demanded
to not violate the peaceful environment of Chitral. Chairman Qaghlasht
organizing committee and Tehsil Nazim Mastuj Shahzada Sikandarul Mulk thanked
Sarhad tourism corporation, Agha Khan Rural Support Program, Jafakash Aurat
project, Hashoo foundation, Agha Khan sports Board, MPA Ghulam Muhammad, district
administration, district police, Chitral Association for Mountain Area Toursim,
staff of National Bank of Pakistan Chitral, Degree College, THQ Hospital Booni
staff, volunteers who success this festival. Some foreigners tourists and female
from Kalash community also participated in the final matches. Thousands of

Extra Action Marching Band

Extra Action Marching Band

I saw the Extra Action Marching Band at the Roxy in Prague. It was an awesome show. Thats Kathryn (Squishy) in the middle there.

carpet runners extra long

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